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Hybrid Publishing

We work in partnership with the author who retains all royalities

Wild Rising Press

Help and Mentoring

Gateway Publishing for Upcoming Authors

Your Best Book Possible

We help you publish the best version of your book possible. Here at Wild Rising Press we lead you through the process of revising your work, page and cover design, print-ready PDF's all the way to registering with print-on-demand publishers. You are not alone!

Hybrid Publishing

Unlike a traditional publisher, you, the author, recieve all the royalties! But, you pay for the cost of editing and publishing your book. Another benefit is that your imput and ideas are central to the design and editorial process. You are a co-creator of your book.

It Starts with a Conversation

We need to hear about your book. Our goal goes beyond book publishing, it is about how can we make your book the most precious object in your library. We need to know about you, exchange ideas and come up with the best solution for your manuscript. After our initial free meeting, we give you an estimate.

I could not be more pleased with Wild Rising Press. My book was on the best seller on Amazon for months! It was a fun one-stop shopping for developing, producing, and publishing my book from manuscript to finished project.

Jackie Donnelley--Florida